Chimney Systems

We offer the Stovax Professional XQ Chimney System which is used to create a chimney where no chimney exists. This British made chimney system is made to the highest standards with a 316L stainless steel inner wall for high corrosion resistance and a 304L stainless steel outer wall.

Polished steel or matt black powder coated finish are the most popular however the system comes in a large range of colours.

There are 2 ways to install a factory made chimney systems:

  • Internal system: flue pipe goes through the inside of the building and out through the roof.
  • External system: flue pipe exits the side of the property and travels up the external wall.

The height of the chimney system depends on the pitch of the roof and the flue distance from the pitch. (See building regulations document J).

The minimum height of a factory made chimney system is 4.5 meters from the stove.

Instead of a freestanding installation we can build a false chimney breast around the stove and flue to provide an original looking feature to the property.

Below is an example of a chimney breast we built with a factory made chimney system.