Questions & Answers

Q: Why do I need a hearth?

A: Hearths should be constructed of suitably robust materials and to appropriate dimensions such that, in normal use, they prevent combustion appliances setting fire to the building fabric and furnishings, and they limit the risk of people being accidentally burnt.

Q: What temperature should a stove put out?

A: Between 150 – 300 degrees Celsius

Q: What can I burn?

A: Seasoned wood with a moisture content less than 15% or smokeless approved solid fuels.

Q: When is new rope needed around the door?

A: The rope is made of a glass fibre which creates an air tight seal. If there’s deterioration or you find the rope is sagging slightly when opening or closing the door it will need replacing.

Q: Why is my glass blacking up?

A: Either the stove is pre-airwash and does not have the technology or if the stove is new and has air wash, then the most common reason is that the wood being burnt has too higher moisture content. When unseasoned wood is burnt tar is released and stains appear on the glass regardless of air wash technology.

Q: Why is my stove smoking?

A: If this occurs immediately after installation it suggests a lack of draw, the chimney height will need to be increased to compensate.

Another reason is a cold chimney. When a stove hasn’t been used for several days or on a very cold day the chimney will also be cold. When lighting a fire the smoke is normally pulled up the chimney but when the room is warmer than the chamber it will smoke into the room. To counter this pre-heat your stove, put a small firelighter inside and let it burn out without putting any wood on the fire. This will warm the chimney chamber and create draw.

If the stove starts to smoke where it hasn’t before we would suggest the chimney needs sweeping as a blockage may have occurred in the flue.

Q: How long will my stove last?

A: A good quality stove and installation should last around 20 years provided the chimney is swept annually and the stove is maintained properly.

Q: Can I buy online?

A: We are a local family run business that supplies wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves to the public and trade from our showroom in Lenwade.  We do not sell any of our products via the Internet.

Being an approved dealer for Hunter, Stovax, and many others, we are providing our customers with knowledgeable advice and experience of these makes.  We have several working models demonstrating how the stoves perform, and a large showroom displaying variations within the ranges, allowing you to see first hand the quality and workings of each stove.  We are able to discuss individual requirements and ensure you are selecting the right stove for your specific circumstances.  We also provide an after sales service, including the supply of parts to maintain your stove, and the comforting assurance that there’s someone to call on if anything is not satisfactory.

Q: Does the price of this stove include fitting?

A: I’m afraid not, installation is quoted separately.

Q: Do you sell second hand stoves?

A: No as usually they don’t pass current CE regulations.

Q: Can I buy a stove online and get you to fit it?

A: We only fit stoves provided by us. This allows us to offer a complete service including after sales and expert advice on the product fitted.

Q: I haven’t got a chimney, can I still have a stove fitted in my home?

A: Yes, we can fit what’s called a prefabricated metal chimney to suit most homes.

Q: Why has the glass cracked in the summer?

A: During the summer when the stove is not used, it is not uncommon for a small amount of rust to build up inside the stove. Unfortunately if this rust gets behind the clips that secure the glass, pressure builds and can in some cases crack the glass. We advise that you light a newspaper or junk mail in your stove once a week to prevent rust.

Q: Why do I need to visit the showroom before getting a quote?

A: All our quotes are free with no obligation. Our time and yours is important to us, the first meet in the showroom and information shared is vital to the efficiency of the service.