Brands and Suppliers


Stovax is based in Exeter, England and was established in 1981. The design, manufacture and distribution of wood burning has been the heart of the company. In 1988 it was to diversify into the manufacture of gas and fired stoves.

In 2006 Stovax Ltd purchased Yeoman which is a large manufacturer of wood burning stoves and specialises in rustic and rural design.


Hunter Stoves Group was founded in 1970 located in the south west of England and is thought to be the first UK based wood stove manufacturer. They initially produced steel stoves with built in boilers to run small and medium sized central heating systems and has now grew to be a leading UK manufacturer. The research and development department focuses on new technology, design and efficient clean burn systems. The distribute to most western European countries, South Africa, New Zealand and Japan.


Burley was founded in 1975 when John Barson created Burley Appliances. In the beginning it was John his garage and some parts to build a his first electric fire and after his first sale things were going in the right direction. His son and daughter were bough joined the company after leaving school. The company has grown over the last thirty years and has become a UK leading manufacturer in electric stoves, flued gas fires, flueless gas fires, multi fuel stoves and wood burning stoves.

Heta logo

Heta was established in 1972 in Lemvig, Denmark. The business is a family owned manufacturing company on the west coast. Modern technology and innovative design have made Heta one of the most contemporary manufacturers of wood burning stoves. and pride themselves on robust construction, specially selected materials and state of the art tooling to combine aesthetic design with quality craftsmanship.


Invicta are a French manufacturer from the Donchery in the French Champagne-Ardenne region and has been established since 1924. Manufacturing, design, foundry, certified test lab and distribution is all done in house and has an annual production output of 170,000 heating appliances including wood burning stoves, barbecues, culinary pottery, furniture and decoration.


“We only select the best manufacturers to work with and have a great relationship them lasting over 20 years.”