Best Types of Wood to Burn


woodWood burning stoves are great at heating your home but as good as they are the wood used is vital to get good heat, a good flame picture and good burn efficiency. Storing your wood is also very important, a good wood store should keep your wood dry and allow air to flow  in between wood.

We advise at least 2 year seasoned wood, this will allow  most of moisture from the wood to evaporate. Freshly cut wood has high moisture content. This will not burn well, you may find your glass will blacken up and it will leave residue on the inside of your flue.


Ash – Very Good

Ash is a very good wood for burning, it will produce good heat, a good flame and a lasting burn.

Please note: Trees infected with Ash Dieback should not be removed from the site if they are felled. There is a small risk of spreading the infection. Please get in touch with the Forestry Commission for removal advice.

Maple – Very Good

This is also a very good wood to burn, good heat, good flame picture and long lasting burn. A popular choice for Wood Burning stoves.

Birch – Good

Birch has a good heat output but can burn quite quickly. Best used with other wood or to get the fire started.

Lilac – Good

Lilac is a hollow wood, smells nice but is a light and soft wood so it burns quickly.

Beech – Good

Beech burns well, its best when seasoned for a couple of years. Its similar in density to Ash but burns a little quicker.

Apple tree – Good

A good dense wood which burns well once it gets going. Gives off a lovely aroma and is very popular to burn and popular with furniture makers.

Hornbeam – Good

A nice wood to burn, it burns slowly with good heat but small flame picture.

Rowan – Good

Burns well with good heat output.

Pine – Good for Kindling

Burns well and fast, good heat but be aware its a very sappy material to start with, seasoned well or kilned dried is best. Mix with other wood.

Oak – Good

Oak is a very dense wood, it will burn slowly with good heat output. It produces a smaller flame.

Pear – Good


Ceder – Good

A nice quick burning wood, lots of heat but will burn quickly. Good for kindling, it will spit and crackle.

Elm – OK

Its ok when seasoned for over 2 years, medium density wood.

Willow – Not Great

Willow is burns slowly with poor heat value.