Are wood burning stoves being banned? NO

Clarification of the 2022 Ecodesign Legislation

Woodburning stoves are not going to be banned. From 2022 all new stoves sold in the UK will have had to pass the new Ecodesign emissions regulations.

What is Ecodesign 2022 Legislation ?

Ecodesign 2022 is a Government backed and European wide legislation which will help reduce emissions and improve air quality. Some stoves on the market already meet the new emissions standards and stove manufacturers are modifying some of their existing models to comply as well as bringing in new Ecodesign ready stoves.

What are the differences between Ecodesign stoves and existing stoves?

The Ecodesign models will have efficient and economic internal design which will mean efficiencies of at least 80%.

Do woodburning stoves create a lot of emissions?

No, the figures given in the press included open fires, incinerators and bonfires. Particulates from stoves are only attributed to around 3%.

It is everyone’s personal responsibility to look after the environment Burning seasoned logs with a moisture value of between 12% – 15% will give the most efficient burn.

Is burning wood environmentally friendly?

Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels that can be used. It is a sustainable renewable energy and virtually carbon neutral.

The Stove Industry Alliance 2018

What NOT to burn!

Burning wet wood and unseasoned wood, will create tar deposits in your flue and stove. The heat output will also be poor and will create more smoke.

Treated wood or painted wood can give off fumes and toxins when burnt, these are harmful both to the environment and your family.

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