Accessories and Spares

We have a large selection of stove accessories in stock at our showroom in Lenwade.


Caframo Ecofans from £65 inc VAT

Distributes heat around your home using the heat energy from the stove…. More info

Replacement Door Glass

We have a large range of replacement glass in stock. Stove glass is heat resistant, the only thing that can crack or brake this glass is impact. A common issue occurs at the end of  the summer months and just coming into Autumn. When the stove has been left dormant with no regular burn, moisture can rust the metal clips holding the door glass in place. Its only when the stove is then lit heating up and expanding the rust which then causes the glass to crack.

To help keep the moisture away you can leave the stove door slightly a jar to let air flow through or once a week just give it a little burn.

Replacement Door Rope

Every so often its good practice to check your door rope on your stove. You may find fraying or it may have become loose. A tell tail sign of when a rope needs replacing is the stove will become a little less controllable as its letting in more air than the stove needs because the seal is failing.

Cottager Baffle Plates – Medium

The Cottager stove has been a very popular model for the last 30 plus years and there are still quite a few still in service. However with age comes wear and tear and we have found the baffle plate will tend to bow and miss shape over time.

The Burnard Davis and Co. Cottager Medium

Baffle Plate Size 224mm x 370mm (8¼” x 14½”)