5 Kw Wood Burners and Multifuel Stoves at Norfolk Stoves

The 5 kW stove range a very popular sized suiting a variety of rooms and spaces. 5kW is the nominal output which means the average heat output from the stove under normal burning conditions. Most 5 kW stoves will have a heat range from roughly 2.5 kW – 6 or 7kW depending on the model.

Best selling Free Standing 5 kW Wood Burning and Multifuel Stoves

Heta Inspire 45 Multifuel Stove. All Heta stoves are made in Denmark. Excellent design and build quality.
Heta Inspire 45 Multifuel Stove 4.9 kW
Stovax Stockton 5, best seller in its range. Perfect for period properties Classic design features.
Stovax Stockton 5 Multifuel or Wood Burner 4.9 kW

The Parkray Aspect range is very popular due to the excellent view of the flames within.
Parkray Aspect 7 Wood Burner 4.9 kW

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Best Selling 5 kW Slimline Wood Burners and Multifuel Stoves.

The slimline stoves are made to look big and beautiful from the front and still provide plenty of heat around 4.9 nominal output yet have the presence of a 9 – 10 kW stove in size. This is due to there wide width with a slim depth. Perfect for Inglenooks and large fireplaces with medium to small size rooms. Heat outputs are roughly 4.5 kW- 8 kW.

Parkray Consort 9 Slimline Wood Burner 4.9 kW

Hunter Herald 8 Slimline Wood Burner 5 kW

Stovax Stockton 5 Wide Wood Burner 5 kW

Inset Wood Burners and Multifuel Stoves

The Inset stoves are built to fit within the fireplace chamber. Most 4 kW – 5kW inset stoves will fit into a standard British 16″ x 22″ fireplace with little or no extra prep work. These are very efficient room heaters as the convect hot air. This means all the heat generated is pushed directly into the room.

The Newbourne 40i inset fits straight into a 16" x 22" British standard fireplace. The tapered back makes it easy to install. 2022 Ecodesign ready.
Newbourne 40i Inset Multifuel Stove 4.5 kW
The Di Lusso R4 Inset is a flush fitting inset stove built to fit into a 16" x 22" fireplace. Excellent efficiency and flame picture.
Di Lusso R4 Inset Wood Burner 4.9 kW
Burley are a British stove manufacturer with some of the most efficient stoves on the market. The inset Coppice model  is no exception.
Burley Coppice Inset Wood Burner 5kW

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Tall Nordic Stoves and Stoves with Wood Stores

The contemporary Nordic style stoves are tall with sleek design features and excellent control-ability. These stoves add striking focal point to any room with space for logs stored underneath. These stove designs start at around 4 kW with some of the large stoves 10 – 18kW.

The Scanline range from Heta
Heta Scanline 7B Multifuel 4 kW
Di Lusso R4 Wood Burner 4.9 kW
Varde Aura 1 Multifuel 5 kW

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